Market Research Studies are business intelligence products that Dinamus offers to your company to optimize decision making.

Based on primary and/or secondary sources, their key differential is our large network of qualified professionals in the sector, as well as our database built over 12 years.

Nowadays we offer two types of market research studies:

• Prospecting Studies: for Brazilian and foreign companies interested in enlarging their business or in entering the oil and gas sector in Brazil.
• Scenario Analysis: Consists of research about the Oil & Gas sector and the current Brazilian political, economic environment and its impact, presenting their main features, players and trends. This research can also be customized to the customer’s specific interests.

The Contracts Mapping is a strategic tool which provides intelligence to your company through the historical analysis of the contracts signed by the Petrobras Group for a variety of goods and services.

After aligning the main objectives with our customers, we consult the most relevant information in our database and perform critical analysis to meet the presented requirements.

This product provides many benefits to our customers, including the following:
• Definition of the new acting markets and the recognition of indirect potential clients.
• Improvement of the sales structure and demand planning.
• Monitoring of the market’s status and recognition of potential competitors.
• Support in decision making of future investments and identification of services and products that will be registered in Petrobras’ supplier system (CRCC).

Dinamus offers customized intelligence reports comprised of:
• Media clippings with the most relevant news about the chosen subject;
• Analysis, produced by experts, highlighting opportunities and risks for the client’s business.

This service can be contracted on a one-off basis or through a monthly subscription.