Dinamus has a specialized team in project management which assists in the planning, realization, control and completion of project activities. Generally, the PMO accompanies the projects by providing support, coaching and mentoring; provides and monitors indicators for strategic decision making; develops methodologies, templates, tools and governance; and brings together the best practices to create and maintain a project management. The main results achieved by our customers who use the PMO service are the reduction of risks, improvement of cost control and general improvement of project performance.

 This product allows the analysis of the maturity level of the management of supplier companies (micro and small enterprises), using a diagnosis that is based on the excellence criteria of the National Quality Foundation, in procurement policies of large companies, or in the criteria specified by the client. Based on the collected information, Dinamus elaborates a Business Development Plan to support the company to make fast and better decisions related to investments needed to train and qualify its employees to perform its services. The benefits of this are reflected in the company’s competitiveness.

To gain more synergy between areas and improve communication, the standardization of activities, the documentation of processes and a clear understanding of each area’s responsibilities are essential for business control. Dinamus helps to map and detail the activities performed, the people and the information flow, through interviews, the collection and organization of existing material. As a result, our team develops methods and tools which improve the planning of the future activities and increase in productivity.

To support the development of suppliers is a strategy adopted by institutions concerned in reducing costs and playing a strategic and relevant role in their community. Dinamus identifies potential suppliers for our client through the development of a competitive matrix, and helps to train the current network of suppliers through consultancy and advice to the management.

Dinamus offers business support for the registration and renewal of Petrobras supplier registration. Through an action plan developed by Dinamus, the customer has access to tools that help the company identify and produce all the necessary documents and requirements to complete de registration form and, in consequence, enlarge your commercial possibilities with Petrobras.