Dinamus is a young company that continues to grow, which provides interesting opportunities for professionals with talent for consulting and entrepreneurial spirit in the early stages of their career.
We are looking for students and recently-graduated professionals with bachelor degrees in fields such as economics, business, international relations and engineering. Ideally candidates that are:
- Passionate about business development and innovation;
- Capable and confident using Microsoft Office;
- Good written communication skills;
- Proven ability to work in teams.
- If you can speak English and have extra-curricular and entrepreneurial experiences, this will set you apart. Our talent management policy offers rapid growth for those who show excellence results, with exposure to clients, travel and profit sharing. Furthermore, we have a laid-back work environment, which aims to ensure the quality of life that our consultants need to be highly productive in the day-to-day routine.
If you have the profile mentioned above, and also identify with our mission and work culture, please send your résumé to cv@dinamusconsultoria.com.br and stay abreast of our employment opportunities.




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